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We here at Humanitarian Careers are excited to announce our new YouTube channel: Global Affairs Explained

What Is Global Affairs Explained?

On this site we love writing guides that show people how they can begin a career in humanitarian aid, and that explore the opportunities the aid sector can offer. However, we’ve always had an interest in the root causes of humanitarian crises and the wider geo-political implications of disasters and conflicts. We’ve explored this with some articles on the site and have received great responses…

That’s why we’re launching a new YouTube channel – Global Affairs Explained, that will not only provide a deeper exploration of the humanitarian aid sector, but will also look at current and historical geo-political trends that are directly linked to the contexts NGOs work in.

We’ll be posting twice-weekly documentaries over on the channel. But don’t worry, we’ll still be writing guides regularly on here as well and will retain the site’s focus on practical information for those looking to become humanitarian aid workers.

We’d love it if you subscribed to our channel here.

Thank you for supporting the Humanitarian Careers!


Duncan is the founder of Humanitarian Careers. With over ten years experience in the aid industry across fifteen countries, Duncan set-up Humanitarian Careers to help people launch their own career in international aid.