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Mission Statement

Humanitarian Careers is an online resource for those working, or wanting to launch a career, in humanitarian aid. Founded in 2020, Humanitarian Careers provides information on degrees, courses and entry-jobs related to international humanitarian aid. Aimed at those wanting to study for career in aid work, recent graduates looking for their first role in international aid and those transitioning into the humanitarian aid industry. Focusing on the knowledge and skills needed to work in disaster relief, conflict response, emergency preparedness and with refugees and displaced people, Humanitarian Careers aims to be the online authority on working in the aid sector.

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Humanitarian Careers covers bachelors, masters and PhDs related to humanitarian aid. This is firstly done through the ongoing development a main database where relevant degrees are listed as completely as possible, allowing applicants to explore different courses by specialism. Secondly, Humanitarian Careers publishes summery lists of degrees focusing on top courses, city and country breakdowns and by sub-sectors of the aid industry. Alongside publishing degree resources, Humanitarian Careers links to short online and in-person courses ideal for those wanting to increase their understanding of specific areas of humanitarian aid work.

Alongside developing an online resource on humanitarian learning, Humanitarian Careers publishes tools for current and aspiring aid workers. Focusing on practical information relevant to the international aid sector, Humanitarian Careers aims to provide clear and precise information to assist with navigating the sometimes-complex humanitarian aid industry. Humanitarian Careers also develops resources covering entry-level jobs and career transitions. Regularly updated, Humanitarian Careers aspires to be the leading online resource for students and graduates starting a career in international aid as well as for professionals looking to transition into aid work and current humanitarian workers.

About the Owner

Humanitarian Careers was founded by Duncan Ball. With over 8 years’ experience in international humanitarian aid, Duncan has worked in over 15 countries with some of the largest humanitarian NGOs. From working responding to the refugee and migrant crises in Greece, to Syria and Iraq and most recently in Bangladesh responding to the Rohingya crises, Duncan established Humanitarian Careers to be a resource for others wanting to enter the aid industry and build a career in humanitarian aid.  

About Humanitarian Careers

Humanitarian Careers is owned and operated by Duncan Ball. Currently all writing on the site is by Duncan and is based on original research and personal insights.  The site aims to be the most up-to-date and relevant resource on the aid sector. Please contact Duncan to explore including a degree or course on Humanitarian Careers.


Humanitarian Careers is the personal writing of Duncan Ball. All attempts are made to ensure the information is fully up-to-date and accurate. Any mis-information is an individual error and in no way an attempt to misrepresent an organization, institution or body. Please make contact to address any error found. Humanitarian Careers is entirely a personal project of Duncan Ball and is in no way affiliated with any organization, government or person.