PhD in Migration Studies

A PhD in migration studies offers the opportunity to undertake major multi-year research into how and why human beings move, and the effects and impacts these movements have not only on the people who migrate, but the communities they move to and from. Migration studies PhDs allow students to self-direct their own research into areas of human migration that interest them, with the aim to produce a relevant and unique piece of research that adds a new perspective to the ongoing debate around migration.

Migration studies PhDs are usually completed over three or four years if studying full-time, or up to eight years if completing the research alongside working. You will need to have completed a relevant Masters degree, and/or have significant relevant work experience in order to join a migration studies PhD programme.

DPhil in Migration Studies – University of Oxford

The University of Oxford offers a DPhil programme in migration studies. The programme offers students a unique opportunity to undertake a substantial research piece in relation to human migration. Participants in the DPhil Migration Studies programme at Oxford University embark on a interdisciplinary and in-depth research project whilst being able to utilise the university’s unique world-class research facilities and departments.

Students at the University of Oxford on the Migration Studies DPhil course take on original research in an area of human migration that interests them. The programme is mostly self-directed, but supervised by leading global experts on refugee and migration issues. Students can also take advantage of research and teaching programmes on offer at the university, and can collaborate with government, NGO and private sector entities working in the field of migration.

The University of Oxford Migration Studies DPhil can be taken full-time over 3-4 years, or part-time over 6-8 years. Students can take the course in the UK or study from abroad. For information on fees, and entry requirements, contact the university directly.

Migration Studies PhD – University of Kent

The University of Kent, in the UK, has a migration studies PhD course. Students on the programme self-direct their own research into migration issues, and are supervised by industry experts and academics. The PhD in Migration Studies at the University of Kent invites students to look deeply into the causes, effects, impacts and outcomes of global migration.

Alongside undertaking their own research, students on the Migration Studies PhD at Kent University also take-part in a research training programme, aiming to further boost their understanding of core research methods. Students are highly encouraged to collaborate both within the university and with outside actors working on migration issues.

The Migration Studies PhD at the University of Kent can be taken over three years full-time or part-time, likely over six years. For UK fees contact the university directly. Fees for international students are set at 18,600 GBP per year for full-time study and 9,300 GBP for part-time. For entry requirements please also contact the university.

PhD Migration Studies – University for Continuing Education Krems

The University of Continuing Education, in Krems, Austria, has a migration studies PhD. Students on the programme are invited to look at the politics, economics, civil, cultural and media landscapes surrounding human migration. The course encourages dynamic research that aims to provide a better understanding of migration, its causes and impacts, as well as durable solutions for both migration and host communities.

As well as undertaking self-directed research in a specific area of migration, students on the University of Continuing Education PhD in migration studies also have access to a range of complementary subjects. These include scientific theory and ethics, grant acquisition and project management and scientific writing and dialects. These subjects aim to further improve the students research and analytical understanding, directly feeding into their migration studies research.

In order to apply to the Migration Studies PhD at the University of Continuing Education in Krems applicants must provide a curriculum Vitae, TOEFL certificate or equivalent (B2 Level or higher), if not a native English speaker, evidence of having completed a relevant masters degree and documentation showing prior relevant skills and experience that are related to their PhD proposal.

Doctoral Programme in Ethnic and Migration Studies – Linköping University

Linköping University, in Sweden, offers a doctoral programme in ethnic and migration studies. The PhD course takes a wider look at human migration, combining it with an investigation into human ethnicity and its intersection with people’s movements. Students on the PhD In Ethnic and Migration Studies at Linköping University self-lead a significant piece of research into one of the current trends in global migration.

Students on the Ethnic and Migration Studies doctoral programme at the Linköping University receive guidance and tutoring from experts in the field of human migration. They are encouraged to take a broad scope within their research and develop a final research piece that contributes to the current discourse around migration and ethnicity. Students are also encouraged to collaborate, ensuring that their research builds on the current private, public and governmental sectors positions on migration.

For information on entry requirements, fees and study modalities contact the university directly.