Bachelors Degrees in Security Studies

Security studies focuses on the role of conflict and organised violence across the world. By exploring the history, causes, methods and contexts of global security events, students of security studies gain an understanding of how to analyse security as well as how to develop protections against global instabilities. Security Studies also often covers related fields such as international relations, cyber-security, international development and terrorism.

By completing a bachelors in security studies, graduates are able to demonstrate their engagement with global security trends, as well as develop a background as a security practitioner. Doing an undergraduate in security studies can either lead to further study in security or related fields, or to employment with government agencies, international businesses, humanitarian NGOs or the United Nations.

Security Studies (BSc) – Leiden University

Leiden University’s bachelors’ course in Security Studies focuses on the political, historical and societal contexts of present-day security challenges. Covering terrorism, cybercrime, natural disasters and pandemics, the course aims to develop student’s critical analysis of security threats and gain an understanding of practical approaches to addressing them. The Security Studies degree at Leiden University also has students’ critique a range of organisation’s involved in global security, including national government, businesses and the media. Taught in English, the degree incorporates practice-based work as well as research. The course also introduces students to current security professionals as well as encouraging small group work to increase knowledge sharing. Graduates from the course can go on to either masters level studies or become security related professions. The degree is three years.

The minimum entry requirements for the Security Studies undergraduate degree at Leiden University is the Dutch pre-university diploma or international equivalent. The English language requirements are IELTA at 6.5 or above, TOEFL of 90 or Cambridge English Exam of 180. You do not need to provide the English language qualification if you have completed an English taught International Baccalaureate diploma.

The tuition fees at Leiden University vary depending on where you are from. They range from around 2000 EUR for most EU and EEA applicants and rise to around 11,800 EUR for international students.  Contact the university for information on funding and scholarships.

Bachelor of Emergency Management and Homeland Security – Grand Canyon University, USA

The Grand Canyon University (GCU) offers a BSc in Emergency Management and Homeland Security. The degree programme aims to prepare students for crises situations and focuses on teaching students the skills and practice of emergency planning and management. The course focuses on the four core domains of emergency management frameworks and practice, organizational disaster management and leadership, research, critical thinking and ethics, relationship building and community engagement. The BCs in Emergency Management and Homeland Security at Grand Canyon University also engages students in practical areas such as designing emergency action plans, managing budgets and resources, communication in high-risk contexts and performing hazard analysis. The aim of the course is to equip graduates with the skills needed to asses, address and provide relief from a wide range of potential security situations.

To study the undergraduate degree in Emergency Management and Homeland Security at Grand Canyon University usually requires a high school education or international equivalent.

Fees at Grand Canyon University are calculated by credits, but a semester is priced around 8,000 USD. GCU does offer a range of scholarships for undergraduate students including the ROTC Scholarships which can cover the entire cost of fees.

Bachelor of Counter Terrorism Security And Intelligence – Edith Cowen University

The bachelors of counter terrorism security and intelligence at Edith Cohen University aims to combine knowledge of national and international security threats with a particular focus on ongoing and contemporary security issues. The course begins with a foundation year covering the main elements of security management, counter-terrorism and intelligence. Students are then able to go on to specialised studies including in intelligence gathering, threat analysis, critical thinking and criminal motivations. Further modules on the degree course include physical security, threat detection systems and information security. There are also modules on surveillance systems, intelligence analysis and radicalism and political extremism. The course aims to train students in a wide range of disciplines related to security, intelligent and terrorism, allowing them to think critically and work collaboratively to recognise security threats. Graduates from the course have gone onto roles as Security Manager, Counter Terrorism Consultant and Strategic Risk Analyst.

For entry to an undergraduate at Edith Cowen University you usually need to have completed secondary education or high school. The University does accept those with prior work experience that is relevant to the area of study.

Yearly fees for the bachelors in counter terrorism security and intelligence at Edith Cowen University are around 10,450 AUD. The university has an extensive database of scholarships and bursaries that can be applied for.

BSc in International Relations and Security – Neopalis University Cyprus

You can study a four-year degree at International Relation and Security in Cyprus at Neopalis University. The course covers the development of international affairs and their relation to security threats. The degree focuses on both the theory and practice and provides students with a knowledge of diplomacy, international law and strategic studies, as well as politics and economics and their effect on international relations and global security. Available modules on this course include diplomatic history, political science and economics and security diplomacy. There are also modules in international economic law, terrorism, asymmetric threats and international security and the EU as a global actor. Graduates from the bachelors in international relations and security at Neopalis University will have gained a strong understanding contemporary political, security and economic developments. Recent graduates have on to work in diplomatic corps, international organisations and NGOs.

Applicants for the undergraduate degree in international relations and security at Neopalis University are likely to need a secondary education equivalent to the International Baccalaureate Diploma with at least 26 points. The English language requirements are a grade C on a First Certificate in English. Applicants who cannot prove their English language ability will need to sit an English language exam.

International students pay fees of around 9,000 EUR to study at the University of Neopalis. Fees for domestic and EU students are likely lower. Information on scholarships can be obtained from the university.

Bachelor of Arts in Security and Strategic Studies, Disaster Management – American University in the Emirates

The American University in the Emirates offers an undergraduate degree in security and strategic studies and disaster management. The degree prepares students with a wide range of effective security response tools well as knowledge of strategic planning initiatives. Students also learn contingency planning, crises analysis and the long-term effects of disasters. The degree includes a wide range of modules covering topics such as the theoretical basis of security and strategic studies, geopolitics in international relations and weapons of mass destruction. There are also modules covering terrorism, emerging world powers, communications and diplomacy as well as security and environmental politics. The course aims for student to be able to assess different population groups resilience to disasters and assist in avoiding the continuous negative impacts of crises.

UAE students need to have completed a secondary degree diploma to study at the American University in the Emirates. International applicants need at least 75% in their senior school exams, as well as qualifications in mathematics, sciences, languages, social sciences and humanities or arts. Exact details of entry requirement can be got from the university.

Fees at the American University in the Emirates average around 48,000 AED a year. There are also additional fees such as travel, accommodation, health insurance and course books. The American University in the Emirates has in the past given a limited number of full scholarships. Full information regarding possible financial aid can be obtained directly from the university.

International Relations, Politics and Security Studies – University of Bradford

The full-time bachelors in international relations, politics and security studies at the University of Bradford is a unique programme of study giving students an overview of global diplomacy, conflict and security. The course is also routed in the historical contexts of modern issues whilst allowing the student to gain an understanding of the trends and challenges of policy and practices. The degree also includes field trips, debates and chances to network with global practitioners to compliment the academic side of the course. Modules in the bachelors in International Relations, Politics and Security studies at Bradford University can include understanding the international system, challenges and approaches to development and issues in world politics. Further modules that can be taken include analysing contemporary conflict, peacebuilding, conflict and security and globalisation and global governance. The course is taught through a mixture of lectures, directed study and group work. It also includes away-day crises simulations.

UK applicants to study the undergraduate in international relations, Politics and Security Studies at the University of Bradford need A levels at or above BBC or BTEC grades of DMM. There are no specific subject requirements. International entry requirements can be got from the university. Non-native English speakers need IELTA 6.0 with no sub-test below 5.0 or equivalent.

Students from the UK pay tuition fees of 9,250 GBP to study at the University of Bradford. International fees for undergraduates are around 18,500 GBP a year. The University awards around 4 million GBP in scholarships a year.

Bachelor of Science in Global Security & Intelligence Studies – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s degree in Global Security and intelligence Studies aims to develop students critical thinking, research and understanding of intelligence and security as well as foreign and military affairs. The course allows students to engage with current security practitioners as well as learn through practical, real world simulations. The undergraduate degree allows students to gain knowledge in international relations, foreign languages and cultures, foreign policy as well a political and military history. Students can select a regional area of concentration, either China and East Asia, Middle East, Latin American or Russia and Eastern Europe, allowing them explore real-time and ongoing security challenges in these regions. The course also encourages students to get international experience through travel and placements.

For admissions to the Global Security and Intelligent Studies undergraduate degree, Embry-Riddle university assess your high school grades or equivalent. English language requirements are a TOEFL score of 79, IELTS score of 6.0 or a DuoLingo score of 105.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s estimates the cost of study at 51,900 USD a year. This is broken down to fees of around 38,000 USD, room and board of around 12,000 USD and estimated cost of books at 1,400 USD. The university offers a range of scholarships, grants and loan programs. They also advertise opportunities for student employment.

BA War Studies – University of Hull

The bachelor’s degree in War Studies at the University of Hull investigates how conflict has affected nations, societies, populations and driven technological development. The three-year, full-time degree is taught by experts in military history and policy making, ensuring students get a balanced view of the causes, affects, history and theory of wars. Modules of the course include an introduction to politics and world economy, global security challenges and terrorism and war and ethics. Students can also elect modules on international relations theory and the united nations and global security. In the final year students also have the option to complete an internship placement.

To get onto the War Studies degree at Hull University, UK students need A level of BBC or BTEC results of DMM. International students need the equivalent grades. The University does offer a foundation year for those who don’t currently have the grades needed.

UK students pay 9,250 GBP per year to study the BA in War Studies at Hull University. International student tuition fees are 14,500 GBP a year. UK student fees can be covered by a tuition fees loan. For international students, there are awards of up to 2,500 GBP, especially for students from lower income countries.

Bachelor of Cyber Security and Behaviour – Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University in Australia offers a unique undergraduate degree in cyber security and behaviour. The course instructs students on the both the technical and human aspects of cyber security. The aim is to produce graduates at the forefront digital protection. The degree can be taken in three years full time or six years part time. Students are introduced to cyber risk management networks and encouraged to think critically on how cyber threats should be responded to. In the final year of the projects students can complete a research piece or an industry placement. Graduates from the bachelors in cyber security and behaviour at Western Sydney University have done on to work as Data security analysts, risk and security analysts and in cyber intelligence.

General entry requirements for undergraduates at Western Sydney University are the completion of a high should education or equivalent. English language requirements for Western Sydney University are IELTS of between 6.5 and 7.

Fees to international students studying the cyber security and behaviour undergraduate at Western Sydney University are around 30,000 AUD. Details of fees for students from Australia or New Zealand should be got from the University.