Disaster and Emergency Management Bachelors

Disaster and emergency management is the profession of overseeing how responses to disasters and emergencies are handled. Those working in the disaster and emergency management sector work to prepare and respond to crises, as well as assisting communities to recover. There are a range of theoretical and practical tools required to become a disaster or emergency manager, and doing a related undergraduate degree is one of the best ways to build the understanding needed to get a job in the sector.

Undergraduate degrees in disaster and emergency management aim to equip students with a basic understanding of the core principles of the subject. A bachelors in disaster and emergency management can lead to careers in humanitarian aid, international development, law enforcement, emergency services, government or international organizations such as the United Nations.

BSc Disaster and Emergency Management – Coventry University

Coventry University in the UK offers a four-year undergraduate degree in disaster and emergency management. The course consists of a foundation year, where students learn the core principles of overseeing disaster and emergency responses. The foundation year is then followed by three years where students are able to choose from a range of modules relating to key areas of disaster and emergency management.

Across the latter three years of the Coventry University BSc in disaster and emergency management, students can choose from such modules as building resilient communities, ethics, governance and resilience, risk and preparedness and organizational resilience. This bachelor’s degree aims to provide students with both the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to become leaders in the disaster management and emergency response fields.

For UK students, the BSc in disaster and emergency management at Coventry University costs £7,950  for the foundation year and £9,250 for each of the degree years. For international students, contact the university for updated information on fees. The undergraduate degree can be taken full-time or part-time and a ‘sandwich’ study mode is also available – an option for students to do a year placement as part of their degree. The bachelors is taught in-person at Coventry University in the UK.

Emergency Management – Empire State University

Empire State University, in New York, USA, has a undergraduate course on emergency management. The modules of the course aim to take students through the process of managing an emergency, and equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to work as professionals in the emergency management sector. The bachelors also aims to equip students with the tools needed to respond to a wide range of emergencies, including natural disasters and acts of terror.

The bachelors in emergency management offered by Empire State University takes an interdisciplinary approach. Areas that are covered include the causes and consequences of emergency situations, management issues relating to planning, response, and recovery, community and public health impacts of emergencies; the political, social, historical, cultural, and scientific aspects of emergencies. This Emergency Management undergraduate also allows students to undertake internships as part of their studies.

For up-to-date information on fees, entry requirements and full or part-time study, contact the university directly. 

BA Disasters, Displacement and Human Rights Concentration – University of Tennessee

As part of their Anthropology Major, the University of Tennessee offers as undergraduate track focusing called Disasters, Displacement and Human Rights Concentration. This major allows students to gain an understanding of not only disaster management, but also how it directly links to human displacement and human rights. Offering a unique insight into how disasters impact wider communities, this series of undergraduate modules is ideal for anyone wanting to take a broader look at disasters and their affects.

Students can take the Disasters, Displacement and Human Rights Concentration track at the University of Tennessee as part of their Anthropology undergraduate. The university offers students a degree of flexibility in their module selection, allowing students more interested in disaster and emergency management to focus more heavily on it.

If you would like information on fees, entry requirements or study modalities for the Disasters, Displacement and Human Rights Concentration at the University of Tennessee please contact the university directly.

Bachelor of Emergency Management – Charles Sturt University

Students can take a bachelors in emergency management and Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, Australia. The undergraduate degree provides students with the resources needed to see the management of emergencies from before, during and after their occurrence. The bachelors course covers a wide range of emergency situations including cyclones, bushfires, floods, plane crashes, and oil spills.

The Emergency Management undergraduate at Charles Sturt University includes focuses on areas such as  risk management and mitigation, community resilience and disaster planning, climate change and environmental science, spatial science and geographical information systems. Students study independently but are directed by a range of industry experts. The Charles Sturt University  bachelors in emergency management is specifically designed to provide students with the skills needed to work in relevant roles in the public, private or NGO sectors.

The Charles Sturt University  bachelors in emergency management is taken online, so students from anywhere are able to apply and complete the course. The undergraduate degree takes three years full-time or six-years part-time to complete. Full-time fees are around 10,850 USD per year and part-time fees are around 5,420 USD per year. For entry requirements please visit the university’s website.

Emergency Management Undergraduate – Massachusetts Maritime Academy

The Massachusetts Maritime Academy, in the United States, offers an undergraduate course in emergency management. Learning on this bachelor’s degree focuses on the four stages of an emergency response and aims to prepare students for a career in the public, private or NGO sector responding to disasters.

The Emergency Management undergraduate degree at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, provides students with a mixture of practical skills and theoretical understanding. Students are taught by emergency response practitioners and industry leaders. The course combines simulation exercises with classroom learning.

To learn more about the Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s bachelors in emergency management, including fees, entry requirements and studying modalities do reach out to the college directly.

International Disaster Management & Humanitarian Response – University of Manchester

The University of Manchester in the UK offers one of the leading bachelor’s degrees on international disaster management and humanitarian response. The three-year undergraduate course is ideal for those wanting to combine emergency management with international humanitarian work. The course aims to provide students with a broad understanding of humanitarian aid, including the mechanisms used to respond to global disasters.

Students on the University of Manchester’s International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response bachelors build skills that they can practically apply in disaster, emergency and humanitarian settings. The course aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to enter the humanitarian sector in an emergency management position. There is also an option for students to take on fieldwork as part of their undergraduate.

To get a place on the International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response bachelors at the University of Manchester, UK applicants will need A Level results of a minimum of ABB. International students will need the equivalent. UK students will pay £9,250 GBP per year for the degree and international students will have fees of 23,000 GBP per year.