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Responding with vital medical services to those affected by humanitarian crises and poverty, leading international development NGOs recruit health professionals to work across the world. Offering jobs managing health projects as well as in medical roles, international development NGOs working to fight preventable diseases, respond to pandemics and strengthen health systems regularly recruit for health positions.

For those looking for a job in international development specialising in health, the below NGOs are the top to apply to.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Médecins Sans Frontières are one of the forefront international development health NGOs. Known for their humanitarian response and work in emergency zones, MSF recruits a wide range of international development health positions.

Working in 72 countries and often on the front-lines of conflicts and disasters, MSF is seen as a pioneer within the international development health sector. Renowned for their reach and expertise, an international development health career with MSF is ideal for those wanting to work on the front-line of international development health work.

Fearless independent, MSF works tirelessly to provide medical assistance to people affected by humanitarian crises, disasters, pandemics and those excluded from healthcare. Working for MSF is seen as strong start to an international development health career. MSF also recruits international development medical professionals who have experience from their home country health careers. Experienced medical professionals are encouraged to apply and work to assist those affected by humanitarian crises. 

Joining MSF often involves working directly in humanitarian emergencies where the need is most immediate, and should be a choice for those wanting an intense international development health job.

Médecins du Monde (MdM)

Medecins du Monde is a campaigning international development health NGO. Running health programmes in developing countries and conflict and disaster zones, MdM has health jobs for international development professionals across a multitude of specialisms.

MdM health projects recruit medical coordinator jobs to oversee the technical aspects of their health projects, as well as specialists in more emerging international development health spheres such as gender-based violence and mental health and psycho-social support.

Focusing on ensuring access to healthcare for excluded populations, including refugees, drug-users and sex workers, Médecins du Monde is one of the leading NGO’s offering international development health jobs.

With health projects across Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and in Europe, MdM is seen as one of the leading international development NGOs working in health. For those wanting to work providing healthcare to those in need around the world and have an international development background, target jobs at Médecins du Monde.

International Medical Corps (IMC)

International Medical Corps is an international development NGO working to provide healthcare and medical training to those affected by conflict, natural disasters and disease. Working worldwide, IMC offer international development health jobs to medically qualified staff in project implementation and management roles, as well as providing training and assistance to local medical teams.

IMC have international health jobs for non-medical staff in project coordination, logistics, finance and HR. Headquartered in the US but recruiting worldwide, IMC are seen as a leading NGO recruiting international development health jobs.

IMC recruit international development health positions through two main channels. The first is through specific job advertisements on their website, ideal for those already qualified in international development health work and with some professional experience. The second is the IMC emergency roster. This can be a good way to get international development health experience for those working in the medical field but with less humanitarian experience. Applying to the roster allows for IMC to call upon roster-members when sudden emergency medical needs arise.

Humanitarian Health Online Courses

If you are looking to work in humanitarian health, a great addition to your CV is an online course. We think the Emory University course on Health in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies is one of the best. It covers the key concepts of healthcare in humanitarian settings. Follow the link to the course’s page.

We also highly recommend the University of Copenhagen’s online short course in Non-Communicable Diseases in Humanitarian Settings. It only takes around 15 hours to complete, and we think it’s ideal for those wanting to be a health worker in the aid sector. Click the link to find out more.

Another online course we recommend for those looking to work in a humanitarian health role is the Manchester University Global Health and Humanitarianism course. It’s a fantastic overview of both the theory and practice of humanitarian aid and public health. The link is to the course’s page with more information.

Save the Children

Save the Children is one the largest and most impactful international development NGOs. Reaching up to 38 million children a year across 100 countries, Save the Children run many different types of international development projects, including focusing on health.

As a large international development NGO, Save the Children recruit a range of professionals for their health projects. For those wanting to work in international development health, Save the Children have jobs recruited internationally and locally for a range of international development health professionals. 

Save the Children has over 25,000 staff worldwide working on projects assisting children and their families affected by disasters, conflicts, exclusion and poverty.

Save the Children regularly recruits international development health professionals to work on medical projects, as well as those qualified in nutrition and maternal health. If you want a career working on international development health projects, target jobs at Save the Children. They often recruit health positions from international development health professionals worldwide with some experience, but also advertise health posts locally as well which can be great for entry-level roles.


UK-Med is an international development health NGO assisting those affected by disasters and humanitarian emergencies. Acknowledging that humanitarian crises need an influx of medical expertise, UK-Med recruit British doctors, nurses, paramedics, midwives and other medical professionals to respond to emergencies when they occur. If you are a health professional with experience, looking for an international development health job,

UK-Med is one of the leading British NGOs recruiting. They also offer a roster system allowing those working in the medical field to join international development and disaster response projects on short-term deployments.

UK-Med has trained over 1100 health professionals to work on international development and humanitarian projects. Working across countries such as Haiti, Nepal, Bangladesh, Gaza and South Sudan, UK-Med deploys international development health professionals to provide training and care to those affected by natural disasters, conflicts and disease.

Recruiting mainly from the UK’s National Health Service, for those seeking an international development health job with NHS experience, UK-Med are one of the leading NGOs.

World Health Organisation (WHO)

The World Health Organization is the lead United Nations agency for global health. The WHO runs international development health projects worldwide to promote health, improve safety and assist those in need of healthcare provision. Recruiting international development health jobs worldwide, the WHO is one of the largest health development organisations.

The WHO recruits’ jobs for healthcare professionals, as well as in management, logistics and government liaison, all crucial to its role coordinating and providing international development health projects worldwide.

The WHO is seen as one of the most important organisations working in the international development health sector. As part of the United Nations, the World Health Organisation recruits international development health jobs globally. The WHO has entry-level health jobs for those beginning their career in international development, as well as positions for more experienced health professionals. International development health jobs at WHO are recruited in-line with the UN system. The WHO also offers internships for those interested in working the international development health sector.

International Committee of the Red Cross

The International Committee of the Red Cross is one of the oldest international organisations in the world. Founded in 1863, the ICRC runs international development projects, including focusing on health, across the world. Recruiting through the HQ in Geneva, as well as through national Red Cross and Red Crescent chapters, the ICRC is one the leading international development health NGOs.

The ICRC have over 20,000 staff worldwide and work in more then 80 countries. For those wanting a career in the international development health sector, explore positions with the ICRC.

The ICRC recruits international development health professionals for a wide range of projects worldwide. These can include jobs assisting those affected by disaster and conflict, as well as conducting prison monitoring and assessing the health and treatment of PoWs.

For those looking for a career in international development health work, the size and scale of the ICRC means they offer many positions across their global projects.

CARE International

CARE International is a global international development and humanitarian NGO working to save lives, reduce poverty and fight for social justice. Running a range of international development projects, including health projects, CARE is one of the leading NGO’s in the humanitarian sector. Working in more than 100 countries. CARE International recruits health professionals worldwide to work on international development projects.

CARE International also work on policy and advocacy, including focusing on healthcare, and for which they recruit international development health roles.

For international development health professionals looking to work for one of the leading NGOs, explore the jobs offered by CARE International. With their work especially focusing on women and girls, including assisting with developing sustainable health development solutions, CARE International are seen as the forefront of international development health programming.

CARE International recruits through its member organisations such as CARE International UK, CARE Australia and US. They also recruit jobs, including on international development health projects, locally.


Oxfam is one of the most famous international development NGOs in the world. Oxfam see free quality healthcare for all as key development goal and run projects providing access to healthcare across the world. For those wanting to work in the international development health sector, applying to Oxfam is a strong choice.

Oxfam has affiliates around the world including in the UK, Netherlands, Australia, US, Hong Kong, France and Germany. They recruit jobs through their network of offices as well as locally for their international development health projects.

Oxfam runs projects promoting health and providing access to healthcare for those affected by poverty, natural disasters and conflicts. They regularly recruit for international development health jobs. Oxfam also takes a wider approach to global health with projects on water and sanitation and education complimenting their international development health projects.

For international development health professionals, explore recruitment options on Oxfam’s projects. Oxfam offers roles for experienced international development health professionals, as well as some entry-level and internships for those wanting to enter the sector.

Action Contre la Faim (ACF)

Action Contre la Faim – or Action Against Hunger is an international development NGO focusing on health, nutrition, mental health and water and sanitation. With over 40 years of history in international development, ACF recruits experienced and entry level international development workers to their health projects.  

With chapters in France, Spain, UK and USA, Action Against Hunger has positions globally working on health and mental health projects in countries such as Afghanistan, Yemen and Nigeria. For those wanting to secure an international development health job, apply to ACF.

Action Against Hunger pride themselves in their innovative international development and humanitarian responses. Alongside this, their reach and scale in responding to health and child nutrition in development and humanitarian contexts makes them a leader in the international development health sector.

Working across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Central and South America, Action Contre la Faim recruit international development health professionals through their headquarters and locally at project level. Action Against Hunger is one of the top NGOs offering international development health jobs.

Malaria Consortium

Working to control, manage and element preventable deaths caused by malaria, diarrhoea, pneumonia, and other neglected tropical diseases, Malaria Consortium is an innovative international development heath NGO. Malaria Consortium runs development health programmes across Africa and south Asia for which they recruit a range of international development health professionals.

With jobs in project management and coordination, as well as technical medical and research roles, Malaria Consortium is one of the top international development health NGOs working to fight life threatening tropical diseases.

Alongside its focusses on preventing and addressing deadly diseases such as malaria, dengue and other tropical diseases, Malaria Consortium also focus on other key factors causing preventable deaths in children in the developing world such as maternal health and malnutrition. International development health professionals looking to work on vital health projects should apply to Malaria Consortium.

Offering entry-level and experienced technical medical roles, Malaria Consortium are a key NGO to apply to for international development health jobs.


Sightsavers works across the world to treat preventable blindness and save the eyesight of some of the poorest people in the world. With a unique international development specialty, Sightsavers is the leading NGO in its field. Sightsavers provides eye surgery to prevent blindness and trains eye specialists in developing countries.

Recruiting international development staff for management and support roles, as well as technical medical positions, Sightsavers is a leading NGO to target when seeking an international development health job.

Alongside working on preventable blindness in developing countries, Sightsavers also runs projects fighting for the rights of people with disabilities. For those wanting an international development role advocating for the health of marginalised people in low- and middle-income countries, apply for jobs at Sightsavers.

Working in more than 30 countries worldwide, including in Africa, Asia and Central America, Sightsavers is one of the leading international development health NGOs. With HQs including UK, US, Italy and Norway, Sightsavers recruit international development health roles through these and locally.


Orbis is an international development NGO fighting blindness across the developing world. Running a unique health approach, Orbis’s flagship project is the Flying Eye Hospital, a cargo plane converted into medical facility to treat blindness and train health teams. An outstanding example of a smaller international development health NGO, Orbis recruit health and generalists’ positions to join their team.

International development professionals looking to work for a unique health NGO, as well as support crucial projects on preventable blindness across the world should look for jobs with Orbis.

As well as the innovative Flying Eye Hospital project, Orbis also run international development health projects across East Africa, Latin America, India and China. Regularly recruiting for international development health roles, Orbis works with local NGOs and government health services to improve medical facilities to prevent blindness.

For those wanting to work on international development health projects for a smaller organisation having a large impact, apply for positions with Orbis.

Relief International

Working to assist those affected by poverty and humanitarian crises, Relief International run health projects across the developing world. As well as providing vital medical services, Relief International work with local health systems to improve sustainability and better provide medical care. For international development professionals seeking a health role, Relief International run extensive projects across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

With headquarters in Washington D.C. and London, Relief International recruit international development health roles at HQ level and directly for their field projects.

With international development health projects focusing on preventable diseases, community health and malnutrition, Relief International recruit for management, logistics, finance and HR roles, as well as technical medical roles related to their health project implementation. Alongside this, Relief International run projects providing primary health as well as sexual and reproductive health projects that need qualified international development staff.

Relief International also run health projects working in humanitarian emergencies and recruit medical roles for disaster response. For those wanting to work in international development health roles, apply for jobs at Relief International.

If you want to learn more about how to be a humanitarian health worker, explore our list of the top humanitarian health online courses here.


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