Is IMUN Internship Good? (We Find Out)

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The International Model United Nations (IMUN) is an organisation that brings students around the world together to practice the workings of the UN and learn key skills in international diplomacy. They recruit interns as International Campus Ambassadors to promote IMUN. The International Campus Ambassadors help IMUN reach a diverse range of students across many colleges, which is great for them… but is the IMUN internship really good for you?

The IMUN internship is definitely good. Interns on the IMUN International Campus Ambassador’s Programme gain valuable career skills whilst completing a short-term and flexible internship. The big advantage of the IMUN internship is also the certificate of completion that is recognised by the United Nations.

Sounds great, right? So, let’s go over a bit what makes the IMUN internship good…

You Can Represent IMUN Virtually

An advantage of the IMUN internship is that it is done online. Representing IMUN virtually means the IMUN internship can fit around your studies and existing commitments easily.

The IMUN internships being online is great because it allows for a lot flexibility, meaning you can complete the internship whilst still being able to study and work.

A further advantage of being able to complete the IMUN internship online is that you can do the IMUN internships wherever you are in the world. This is great as it means students can gain valuable work experience as well as a UN recognised certificate with the flexibility of being able to do the internship remotely. This is also good as it opens up the IMUN internships to people from all over the world.

You Get an Official IMUN Certificate Recognized by the UN

Another reason the IMUN internship is good is that upon completing the programme you receive a certificate that is recognised by the United Nations. This means the IMUN internship is seen as a credible achievement by the United Nations and therefore can assist with your application when applying to UN jobs.

Getting a UN job can be difficult. There is high competition for UN jobs and applicants often have outstanding CVs. Therefore, completing an internship such as at IMUN that are recognised by the UN can be a good way to boost your CV and stand-out in the UN recruitment against the competition.

The UN recognised certificate is definitely a key part of what makes the IMUN internship good.

The IMUN Internship is Short-Term or Extendable

An advantage of the IMUN internship is that is short-term, meaning it can easily fit in times when your studies allow you to focus on extra-curricular activities. IMUN advertise the internship as usually being for 5 weeks, which is a great length of time to gain some valuable career experience, but not so long as to make the IMUN internship a huge commitment.

The IMUN internship is also extendable, which is another factor making it a good internship. IMUN interns can either complete the 5-weeks programme, or decide to extend. This flexibility is great as it means if you have achieved your internship goals or have other commitment the internship can finish, but if you feel you can gain more from a longer internship, IMUN can provide an extension.

The IMUN Internship Helps You Build Your Network

The aim of the IMUN internship is to promote IMUN virtually to students around the world. This is great because it allows you to connect with like-minded people who are interested learning more about the UN and international diplomacy and are often looking for careers in international organisations.

The IMUN internship allows you to build your professional network, which is great.

During the internship you connect with other IMUN interns and IMUN staff. This is good because it also allows you to build your network of like-minded individuals either working already in international organisations, or looking for careers in the UN or international diplomacy.

Having a strong professional network is often seen as one of the key ways to get jobs within the UN and the IMUN internship can be a great help in this.

An Internship with IMUN Shows Your Dedication to the UN

The IMUN internship is good because it shows your dedication to, and knowledge of, the United Nations. Having an IMUN internship on your CV can be advantage when applying for further internships or jobs at the UN. United Nations jobs can be hard to get, so completing an internship such as at IMUN can improve your CV and application’s chances.

The Model United Nations is one of the best ways to get a strong understanding of how the UN and interterminal diplomacy operates. Interning with IMUN shows your have a strong interest in both the Model UN and international relations, which can be a real advantage when you come to apply for jobs at the UN or other international organisations.

Interning at IMUN Gives You Real Professional Skills

One of the biggest benefits of interning at IMUN is the professional skills you develop. The IMUN internship is good because you can develop key skills that can be highly relevant to future work with the UN or in international relations. Some of skill interns at IMUN develop include:

  • Team building
  • Leadership
  • Mentoring
  • Research and analytics
  • Public relations
  • Budgeting
  • Business development
  • Marketing
  • Critical thinking

All of the skills that can be developed during the IMUN internship are highly prised in jobs within the UN, international relations and international diplomacy. Internships are a great way to develop much needed professional skills outside of theoretical academic work. The IMUN internship is good because it allows you to build highly sought-after professional skills relevant to the UN and other in international organisations.

Model United Nations Online Courses

If you want more information on the model United Nations we highly recommend the online short course The Complete MUN Masterclass. It’s a fantastic overview of the MUN system and shows how MUN events function. This online course is a must for anyone attending a model united nation. Click the link to be taken to the courses’ page to enrol.

If you want an introduction to the model UN and an overview of how it works, we think the MUN 101: Power Play & Rules of Procedures online course is fantastic. It goes step by step through how MUN works and gives the information participants need to succeed at the Model UN. Follow the link for more information on the course.

Most participants at MUN events want to eventually go on to have a career within the United Nations. If this is you, be sure to check out the United Nations Jobs Guide online course. It provides all the information needed to understand the UN recruitment system, which can be complex, as well as what you need to land yourself a UN job. Follow the link to enrol on the course.

IMUN Provides Interns with Benefits

Another aspect of the IMUN internship that is good is that IMUN provides benefits to their interns. IMUN interns receive some financial assistance. This money can be a great addition to doing the IMUN internship. Although IMUN interns are not fully paid, some additional money is provided that can help with completing the internship.

Alongside limited financial assistance, IMUN provides interns with a letter of recommendation. The letter of recommendations IMUN interns receive can be used to support their future college, internship or job applications and attests to their completion of the IMUN internship.

Receiving a written letter of recommendation of IMUN is one of the great aspects of the IMUN internship.

Interns Get to Attend IMUN Events

A big benefit of the IMUN internship is that interns get access to IMUN virtual and live events. Attending Model United Nations sessions is one of the best ways to understand how the UN works, as well as develop the skills needed to work in international diplomacy. That IMUN interns get to attend IMUN events is great because it gives even more opportunities to develop key skills.

Being able to attend IMUN conferences is a great benefit of doing the IMUN internship. IMUN events are a fantastic way to develop the skills needed for a career in the UN as well as a great place to network with other students looking to work in the UN and international organisations.

The more Model UN events you attend the better you’ll develop the skills the UN requires, and attending IMUN events through the internship is a great advantage of the IMUN internship programme.


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